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It happens too often; your office takes the time to schedule a client appointment just to have them cancel or not show up. Rather than deleting the activity or adjusting the activity for the new or rescheduled meeting, we recommend tracking those cancellations. By using a cancellation process, offices can see where the issues may be coming from. Is it your process or do you have a few frequent offenders?


1. Create a note category for “Canceled/ No Show”. Consider adding multiple Categories based on what will be reported on. “Canceled”, “Rescheduled”, “No Show”, vs.“Canceled/ No Show”.

How do I add new Activity, Note or Document Categories to my database? 

Database Lists and the Contact Record Video


2. When a meeting is canceled, open the Activity and add a Linked Note.

How do I add an Activity in Redtail?

Redtail Essentials: Activities Video


3. Save and Clone the Activity.


4. Change the Category in the cloned Activity to “Canceled/ No Show”. Save and Complete the Activity. This will retain the original appointment time and record that it was Canceled. The CRM will redirect back to the original Activity.


5. Adjust the Subject and select “All Day” in the original Activity to indicate if it needs to be rescheduled, or edit to move to the newly rescheduled time


6. Report on canceled or rescheduled activities throughout the month, quarter, or year.


When an activity is rescheduled or canceled, it is important to maintain the original activity so there is a full history and any linked workflows are not disconnected. Reporting on Canceled activities can also be used to see who the biggest offenders are or help an office determine if their scheduling process leads to more cancellations

Download a PDF version of these instructions below! 

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