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Integration Type:

Payment Processing

Setting up the integration:

You'll need to enable the AdvicePay integration within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here. Then, from the Manage Integrations page, click Settings from AdvicePay's Actions menu:


You'll then see the below: 


Click the Authorize Access button. You'll then be prompted to enter your credentials and to Allow Access. After doing each of these, the integration setup is complete.

Integration functionality:

This integration enables advisors to sync client data across platforms and, through a single click, access that data in both platforms. Redtail users can map and send client information from Redtail to populate AdvicePay and immediately start the billing process. Additionally, Redtail users can view AdvicePay invoices in Redtail in the same client record.

After setting up the integration, when within a contact record in Redtail you have the ability to link the contact in Redtail to an existing contact in AdvicePay or to send the Redtail contact over to AdvicePay. To do either of these, select AdvicePay from your Redtail integrations menu. You'll then see the below:


If the contact already has a record in AdvicePay, you can click the "Link to existing Client" option and you'll see the below:


Enter part of the client's name in the highlighted area indicated above and click "search." When the record you want to link to displays, select it and finish up the linking process.

If you know the contact does not have a record in AdvicePay, click "Create Client" and the contact will be sent to your AdvicePay account. Note: the contact must have an email address marked as primary within Redtail in order to create a client in AdvicePay - otherwise you will receive an error message.

In either case, whether you've linked to an existing contact in AdvicePay or created a new one, going forward when you select the AdvicePay integration from within the contact's record, you'll see something like the below:


Clicking "View Client" will allow you Single Sign-on to your AdvicePay account, where you can view your client there.

The "AdvicePay Client" area offers you an option to unlink the client, if need be.

The "Recent Invoices" area displays any recent invoices, where applicable, along with a pdf icon which, when clicked, allows you to download that invoice from within Redtail.

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