Snappy Kraken

Integration Name:

Snappy Kraken

Integration Type:

Marketing Tools

Setting up the integration:

Setup is handled within your Snappy Kraken account. Upon login to Snappy Kraken, hover over your settings icon and select "Account":


On your Account menu in Snappy Kraken, you'll see a "Redtail account" option:


After clicking that, you'll be prompted to enter your Redtail credentials:


Enter those and click "Link Account". Once linked, you'll see an onscreen message indicating the linking was successful.

Integration functionality:

Once you've activated the integration, you can import all contacts from Redtail into your Snappy Kraken account - or you can select Tag Groups to import. Those contacts imported from Redtail will have an indicator to show they came from Redtail and the import process will check for duplicates. After importing those Redtail contacts, you can begin using Snappy Kraken's marketing campaigns to reach them.

To import contacts, from within Snappy Kraken hover over "My Content" and then select "My Contacts":


On the resulting page, click "Manage Groups":


You can then decide whether you want to import all contacts or specific Tag Groups from Redtail:


If you select "Import Redtail Groups" here, you'd see something similar to the below:


All of your Redtail Tag Groups are in that scrolling frame (in this example beginning with "Newsletter". You can select multiple Tag Groups to import here by holding down your Ctrl key (Command key on Mac) as you click each desired group. Then click "Import Redtail Groups". Once the process is complete, all contacts from those Tag Groups will be present in your Snappy Kraken account.

To import all Redtail contacts into your account, you can select the option above to "Import All Redtail Groups".

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Please contact Snappy Kraken for further details on how to use their platform after you have imported Redtail contacts.

Snappy Kraken resources:


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