The ability to restrict access to designated contact records to certain database users or certain database user teams, known as permissioning, is available within Redtail CRM.  You can apply permissions either to individual contacts or you can apply in bulk to a group of contacts.  Below we will take a look at how you apply these settings using both methods.  First, however, a couple of preliminary items to note:

  • Database Owners are not impacted by any permission settings — they have access to everything regarding every contact within the database.
  • Only Database Owners and Database Admins can set permissions, with one exception. Non-admin users are able to apply permissions on contact creation, if they are applying those permissions to teams that they are a part of.
  • This part is a little trickier to understand so please let us know if you have questions.  If the Database Owner or a Database Admin sets permissioning for a group of contacts to only be viewable by a Database User Team that excludes another Database Admin, that Database Admin will no longer have access to those contact records. But, Database Admins have rights to edit Database Teams, so they can restore their own permissions should they add themselves to a Database Team that can view those permissioned contacts.  If you want to ensure that one of your Database Users will not have access to any contacts for whom you've established permissioning, you would need to remove their Admin rights. 
  • When a contact is permissioned, the contact will be removed from Notes, Reports, Searches, etc., for any database user not a part of the permissioning rights for that contact. 
  • Permission settings applied to contacts within Redtail CRM do not apply to contact folders within Redtail Imaging, should your office also subscribe to that.
Now, let's take a look at how you apply permissions to a contact. 

Add permissioning to an individual contact 

Permissions for an individual contact can be accessed from the new menu items in your Left Menu Bar that appear when inside a contact record. First, you'll need to click "More" within that menu: 
You'll then see the Permissions/Roles option that you can click: 
You'll then see the below (if no Permissions have been applied to the contact record): 
To add Permissions, click the Add button in the upper right corner of the section and you'll see the below:
Click inside the Type box to choose whether you want to assign Permissions to an individual database user or a database user team:
In the example below, I've clicked User: 
You can then just click inside the User box and select the User that you want to have access to the contact record and click Add Permission. If I'd added Permissions for myself only, the Contact Permissions area for the contact would then look like the below: 
Using the Add button, you can apply Permissions for additional database users and/or database user teams. Clicking the Actions menu to the left of an existing Permission setting will allow you to Delete a Permission setting. 

Add Permissioning to a group of contacts

To add permissions in bulk, you would need to bring up the group of contacts to whom you want to apply the permissions on your Search page within Redtail.  After the contacts are on your Search page, you can select the ones you want to apply the permissioning change to and then select Bulk Actions from the Contact Options menu:


Within the Bulk Contact Actions modal, you'll see "Permissions (Add)": 

Click "Permissions (Add)" and you'll see the below: 


You can then select whether you want to grant access to a user or a user team and applying permissions in bulk works in the same manner as described above for applying permissions to an individual contact. Note: if any of the contacts already have permissioning set up, and you want to replace those permission settings with your new ones, you'll need to place a check here in the "Replace existing permissions? box. A contact can have multiple user and/or team permission settings, so you don't have to replace existing permissions to apply new ones. 

Remove Permissioning from a group of contacts

To remove permissions in bulk, you'll need to get all contact records with that permission setting to your Advanced Search page first. Probably the quickest way to do this is to go to your Contact Permissions Report, filter for the desired permission setting and then send those contacts to Search.

Then, on your Advanced Search page you can handpick the contacts from whom you want to remove that Permission setting (or you can select them all with one click if you're removing it from all of them). After selecting the contacts, click the Contact Options button and then click Bulk Actions:


On the resulting modal, click Permissions (Remove):

You'll then see the below modal:


At that point, you can either place a check next to "Remove all permissions" or you can indicate a User or Team from which you want to remove permissions for the contact. Then, click "Remove Permissions."


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