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When logging into your database, the default login page is your Today page (which is otherwise accessible by clicking Today in your Left Menu Bar): 


There are several tabs at the top of this page.  Here we'll take a look at the Accounts tab: 


The Accounts tab of your Today page allows you to see, at a glance, a broad overview of your Assets Under Management. 


The top four icons in this section show you how many Open, Pending, Under Review and Closed Accounts you have in your database.

Open accounts are active accounts.

Pending accounts are missing some information such as an account number.

Accounts Under Review still need approval or review – you will primarily see this status with insurance accounts.

Closed accounts are no longer active.

Clicking one of these will take you to an Accounts by Status Report, filtered to that Account Status only. 

Underneath the Account Status icons, you'll see an Account Summary area that indicates the total value of your Assets Under Management (AUM) as well as the Average Portfolio value of all Portfolios within your database. Note: AUM amounts for contacts you do not have permissions to view will not be included in these figures - nor will values for accounts marked as Held Away. The total for Held Away accounts is listed in this section as well though


Note: the Average Portfolio value is calculated by dividing the number of portfolios (not accounts) within your database.  Accounts within portfolios that have 1) a zero balance or 2) a Status other than Open will not count towards the value of an individual's Portfolio value, and will thus not affect the Average Portfolio value for your database.  Note as well that this means if an individual has only accounts that fall under one or both of those criteria, their Portfolio will not be included in the divisor when calculating Average Portfolio value for your database.  To illustrate, say that you have 400 clients in your database with Open accounts that have a balance other than $0.  You have 5 clients in your database who only have accounts at a status of Under Review, or Closed, or Pending.  And, you have 50 clients in your database who only have accounts with a balance of $0.  When calculating the Average Portfolio value for your database, the total value of the Open accounts of the first 400 clients would be divided by 400, rather than by 455, as those 55 clients don't have any accounts that would trigger the system to recognize them as having a portfolio to be included in the calculation. 

Also on the Accounts tab is Unlinked Accounts: 


Unlinked Accounts are accounts fed over from an account aggregator that have not yet been linked to a client. You can click inside this section to view these accounts.  This will carry you to your Unlinked Accounts Report, where you can click Run Autolink to automatically link up those accounts that can be linked automatically or research those accounts that cannot.

The next section on this page is the Accounts by Type pie chart:


Each colored area here represents the number of accounts that have been assigned a particular Account Type, with your color Key on the right. If you hover your cursor over one of the colored areas of the graph, you'll see the Account Type and the total number and percentage of your database accounts assigned that Account Type:


You can also use the two icons in the top right corner of each of these areas to change between a graph and text view: 


The final section on this page is the Held Away Accounts by Type pie chart - it is similar to the Accounts by Type Chart but only displays accounts marked as Held Away:


As a final note, you can add, edit or delete your Account Types under Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Lists.

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