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What is Redtail Campaigns?

What is included in Redtail Campaigns?

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What is Redtail Campaigns?

Redtail Campaigns offers a compliant way for you to market to your prospects and clients on an ongoing basis with pre-built marketing campaigns targeting specific stages of the client lifecycle.

Coupling the amount of contact data that Redtail CRM allows you to track with the opportunities available to segment your contacts in meaningful ways based upon that data, Redtail CRM is a natural springboard from which to initiate targeted, well-timed marketing campaigns. Redtail Campaigns allows you to run those campaigns in a fraction of the time it might take you otherwise. 

What is included in Redtail Campaigns?

Redtail Campaigns puts a huge library of compliant, FINRA reviewed marketing content at your fingertips:

  • Professionally written, expertly designed content assets from these campaigns is geared to be arresting and to “stop the scroll”.
  • Full access to Snappy Kraken’s existing library of campaign content, with more coming online all the time. You’ll also benefit from Snappy Kraken’s built-in compliance workflows.
  • Redtail Campaigns will continue to add new content and campaigns to the platform to ensure you’re never at a loss for materials to help you nurture your client and prospect relationships.
  • Having FINRA-reviewed materials available for your campaigns tends to dramatically decrease the time you’ll need to get things approved by your compliance department.

Redtail Campaigns’s easy-to-use campaign builder, powered by Snappy Kraken (the leader in financial advisor marketing automation software), allows you to minimize the time required to manage your marketing efforts:

  • Campaigns run at different cadences and include different elements and varying runtimes.
  • Campaign elements include but are not limited to: emails, social posts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), newsletters, landing pages with calls-to-action, forms, etc. You exercise control over which elements, if any, you’d like to disable for a given campaign.
  • While our campaigns are designed to be effective and produce results, most campaigns offer some level of customization on copy.
  • That said, after your account setup, you can choose to use these campaigns as-is, running multiple campaigns per month aimed at clients in different lifecycle stages, all with a minimal investment of time on your part.

Redtail Campaigns allows you to bring consistency as well as an organic feel to your marketing efforts while at the same time helping you to tailor your content based upon client and prospect characteristics beyond basic demographic information:

  • Because it’s so easy to administer your marketing efforts in Redtail Campaigns, running new campaigns on a consistent basis won’t feel like a chore.
  • Because the elements and cadence for each campaign you can run through Redtail Campaigns vary, none of your campaigns will feel automated or paint-by-numbers. Instead, each campaign incorporates the elements we’ve developed to be most effective for the campaign at hand to drive clients and prospects toward your call-to-action.
  • Launching your campaigns from Redtail CRM, where you can segment your clients and prospects by any data point(s) you choose, allows you to be very deliberate about delivering specific messages to a desired audience.

Setting up your Redtail Campaigns account and Redtail CRM integration

It's important that you take a few steps within Redtail Campaigns prior to beginning any campaign setups, both to add all of the personal elements that will allow you to brand the campaigns to your business and to establish the integration with Redtail CRM.

First, let's take a look at adding your personal elements for branding.

While logged into your Redtail Campaigns account, you'll need to access your Account settings area from the gear menu in the upper right-hand corner:



You'll then see a navigation menu on the left-hand side of the page with all of your Account options:




Let's take a closer look at some of these Account options that relate specifically to branding and integration setup:

    • Business Information - the Business Information area has four tabs: Company Information, Professional Name, Email Signature, and Disclosure. We've included an example of each of these screens below with demo info included. 

      -- Company Information

      -- Professional Name

      -- Email Signature

      -- Disclosure

    • Time Zone - choose your appropriate Time Zone:


    • Logos - Just click inside the box and you'll be presented with an opportunity to browse for your logo on your computer to upload it into Redtail Campaigns:


    • Social Networks - Here, you have the option to connect your Redtail Campaigns account to your firm's LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Facebook accounts:


      After clicking the "Click to Connect" option for each of these social channels, you'll be presented with a page asking you if you'd like to authorize Snappy Kraken to access your account. If you click the "Authorize app" button and you are currently logged into the social account in question in the same browser, you can just follow on-screen prompts to complete that authorization. If you click the "Authorize app" button and you are not currently logged into that social account, you'll be required to log in to it prior to authorizing the connection.

      Note: if you want to take advantage of the social media components of any of the available campaigns, you will need to connect your Social Networks to Redtail Campaigns to do so.

    • Email Domain - You can click the "Add New Domain" button shown below to add your email domain. Note though that emails sent from the Redtail Campaigns platform will be sent through Snappy Kraken's server. DNS setup is recommended. You can learn more about this here.


    • Landing Pages - Here, you can add any desired custom code for the Header or Footer of your Campaign Landing Pages:


    • Notifications - This is where you set the email address where you’d like to receive notifications regarding all of your form submissions. You can learn more about these here.



  • CRM Global Settings - This is where you'll go to establish the integration between Redtail Campaigns and Redtail CRM:


    Click the "Settings" button for Redtail to get started. You'll then see a "Connect" button:


    You'll then be prompted to log in to your Redtail CRM account:


    Once you've successfully authorized the connection, you'll see a notification that you've successfully connected and you can click the "Go to CRM Settings" button displayed. At that point, you'll see your Active CRM Integration:


    Note here the "Two-way Sync Features (Beta)" option. If you turn this on, any contacts who are a part of groups you've synced between Redtail CRM and Redtail Campaigns can be updated in either system and synced bi-directionally. 

    If you click the "Settings" button above, you would see the below:


    Toggling "Automatic Nightly Import" on will set all contacts in your selected groups to sync over automatically from Redtail CRM each night at 12am ET. That said, you will need to have selected some Redtail CRM Tag Groups to sync in order for this Automatic Nightly Import to have any contacts to work with here.

    To choose the Tag Groups you'd like to import into Redtail Campaigns, you can hover over "My Content" at the top of the page and then select "My Contacts":


    You'd then see the below, where you can click More Actions --> Import --> Import From CRM:


    At that point, you will see all of your Tag Groups available from within Redtail CRM. Just place checks next to the one(s) you want to select for import, and then click the "Continue" button:


    You'll then need to read and attest to a few statements, indicating you have permission to send emails to everyone you are importing, at which point you can click the "Finalize Import" button:


    You'll see an "Import in progress . . ." message but you can go on to begin looking at or setting up any campaigns you'd like to get started on at that point.

Now, let's take a quick look at the other areas available within your Redtail Campaigns account.


Redtail Campaigns Dashboard

Your Campaigns Dashboard allows you to access reporting data for your account:


You can learn more about your Dashboard here.


Redtail Campaigns Library

Your Library is where you go to browse or search for specific Campaign content and to begin setting up a new Campaign:


When you see a campaign you'd like to explore for use, you can then click on it to learn more, to begin personalizing it if you decide to use it, and finally to launch it when everything is ready to go.


Redtail Campaigns Resources

Last but not least, tons of resources are at your disposal to help you learn more about Redtail Campaigns and how to use the platform effectively:



Just click on any of these areas from your Resources page within Redtail Campaigns to begin exploring what's available.

Further, you can visit Snappy Kraken's Help Center here for assistance with using their platform (which powers Redtail Campaigns).

If you’re interested in learning more, contact our Sales Team at 800-206-5030 opt. 2 or at


Orion Planning and BeFi20 Included

Redtail Campaigns subscribers receive free access to Orion Planning, as well as exclusive access to the BeFi20 tool and content developed by Orion’s Chief Behavioral Officer, Dr. Daniel Crosby.


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