Reporting in Speak

If you are the database owner of your firm's Redtail Speak account, you now have access to Reporting in Speak (otherwise you will not see this Reports option):


After clicking the Reports option, you'll see a list of text messages and events from your Speak database, a sample of which is below:


Note there are two buttons above your report, Filters and Export.

If you click the Filters button, you'll see the below:


Date allows you to filter by some predefined timeframes, or to set a custom date range.

Message Type allows you to filter by any combination of Texting, Team, Direct, or Broadcast messages.

Sender allows you to filter by one specified sender of messages.

If you click the Exports button, you will be provided with the opportunity to download what is currently displayed in your report as a .csv file.

You also have the ability to search the report:


Note: this search box only searches words or phrases in your Text messages themselves. It will not search your message type, your sender names, or system-generated messages (e.g., someone joining or leaving a room).

Let's take another look at the Report itself:


Note that to the left of your Sender names for each message, you'll see either a grey or a green phone icon. These are visual cues to let you know that a message was either incoming (grey) or outgoing (green).

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