Call Forwarding in Redtail Speak

If you have a Pro-level subscription to Redtail Speak, you now have access to Call Forwarding. This means that you can set your Speak account up so that if one of your recipients attempts to call the telephone number assigned to your Speak account, their phone call will be routed instead to the phone number you indicate in your settings, since Speak numbers will only receive texts. Note: for those without a Pro-level subscription or for those who haven't provided a Call Forwarding number, when someone attempts to place a call to their Speak number, they'll hear the message, "This phone number is only configured to receive text messages".

To turn on Call Forwarding (which must be performed by your Speak database owner):

  • Access your Redtail Speak settings:


  • On your Settings page, click "General" on the left and you'll then see a "Call forwarding" area displayed:


  • Toggle the "Call forwarding" toggle to on (far right side of this area"). Then, you can enter a valid phone number in the box provided that you would like phone calls attempted to your Speak phone number to be routed to.

Note: if you do not have a Pro-level subscription to Speak, or if you do but you have not turned on Call Forwarding, your contacts who attempt to call your Redtail Speak phone number will receive a recorded message letting them know that the number they have dialed is only set up to receive text messages. If you do have Call Forwarding turned on, any calls will seamlessly be rerouted to the number you've indicated.

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