TIFIN Wealth

Integration Name:

TIFIN Wealth

Integration Type:

Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration: 

  1. Login to TIFIN Wealth.
  2. Click the Settings Cog Icon to visit the Integration Settings:

  3. Select "CRM" under Integration Settings.
  4. Select "Redtail" logo to display the Redtail Username/Password area.
  5. Enter your Redtail Username / Password - then select Authenticate:


Integration functionality:

After setup, you can begin importing your contacts from Redtail CRM into TIFIN Wealth.

Select the user lists you wish to import from Redtail to TIFIN Wealth, and specify whether or not you classify them as a Client or a Prospect:


Confirm your Import Selections and then select "Import":


Modify your Import Lists by checking on or off select clients and mappings:


The Integration Card will then appear signaling how many "Accounts" were pulled in. Make note, this number doesn't represent number of clients, but rather how many portfolios were pulled in:


TIFIN Wealth resources:



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