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Scheduling Software

Setting up the integration:

If you aren’t currently a GReminders user, sign up for a free trial here. For help, you can schedule a one-on-one call with a customer success team member here.  

Follow the steps below to sign up with GReminders and connect to your Redtail calendar:

  • Create your GReminders account by entering an email address and a username and password.
  • After completing your profile setup, choose Redtail as your Calendar Provider.
  • Connect to Redtail using your Redtail username and password.


You can learn more about getting started, including signing up when you use other calendars

with Redtail, here.


Integration functionality:

Administrators can access the Redtail integration by selecting Integrations from the main menu in

GReminders, scrolling down and then selecting Setup under Redtail CRM:




You have 3 Setup Options available:




1. Pull Best Phone Number




Schedule activities with Redtail contacts and GReminders will automatically send SMS text message reminders to your prospects and clients reminding them of their upcoming appointments. GReminders is set up and forget software: once set up, everything runs automatically in the background.


2.) Create Note against the Matching Contact




Keep all of your notes in Redtail. When GReminders sends an SMS or email reminders to your clients, a copy of your reminders will be imported into Redtail, against the matching contact, as a note. If you wish to download a full set of every reminder sent, you can accomplish that using GReminders Usage Logs. Stay compliant with thorough recordkeeping using GReminders and Redtail together.


3.) Create Contact in Redtail CRM when New Meeting is Booked




Stop all the back and forth associated with scheduling and let your prospects and clients book their own appointments onto your Redtail Calendar. When you use GReminders automated online scheduling, you’ll see meetings appear on your Redtail calendar AND if this is the first time an individual has booked an appointment, their contact information will be added to Redtail Contacts! You can link to your booking calendar at GReminders or embed your calendar on your company website.

Contact with any questions or click here.

GReminders resources:




GReminders Redtail Information


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