NEW: Imaging Settings

You can access your Imaging Settings from the pulldown menu in the upper right corner of your Imaging account:


When you land on your Settings page, you'll see that your Imaging Workspace settings are divided into three categories, Indexes, Integrations, and Members:


Note as well that you have a "Back" option above these settings which will take you back to the top level of your Imaging account.

Clicking Indexes will take you to the area where you can view, edit, and/or archive your currently active indexes, as well create new indexes:


You can learn more about working with indexes here.

Clicking Integrations from your Workspace settings menu will take you to the area where you can manage your Imaging-integrated apps:


Learn more about setting up and using the integration with Redtail CRM here.

Clicking Members from your Workspace settings menu will take you to the area where you can manage team members with access to your Imaging account:



If you click the "+ Add member" button here, you'll see the below:




Most of the fields here are self-explanatory, but you will want to decide when adding individuals to your Imaging account on the proper Type to assign them, either Member or Admin. The differences between the two are that Admin users can access this Members Settings page and perform actions like editing User info, unlocking Users, adding new Users, and changing passwords.

You should note that those actions are available if you click the kebab icon at the end of a member's row:




Also, if your office uses Redtail CRM, your Imaging subscription is tied to the CRM so you would use the same credentials for usernames/passwords for users. Further, admin rights are set up the same by default in that case.



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