NEW: Site Navigation In Redtail Imaging

Your navigation options within Redtail Imaging are accessible from the navigation bar running vertically on the left-hand side of each page:


Here we'll take a quick look at each of the options available from this bar:

1. Home

Clicking Home will take you to your Imaging Dashboard (which is the top level of all of your Imaging folders/files) This will look different for all subscribers based upon their folder structure and naming conventions, but an example Imaging Dashboard is below:



2. Recent

Underneath Home on your navigation menu, you'll see a Recent option.

This offers a quick link to see a Recent History of Images and Folders accessed in your Imaging database.

3. Archive

Next on your navigation menu is Archive. This will take you to folders/files that have been archived and are no longer visible/accessible from within Imaging. You can learn more about how to archive/restore/delete files and folders here.

4. History

Selecting this option will display a history of actions within your Imaging database. A sample portion of a history is below:


Note that at the top of your Imaging History you have multiple filtering options as well as an informational area providing raw numbers for your selected timeframe.

In our example, our Overview is set to "Today", but you can select from a number of time frames.

Beneath that the informational area indicates the number of User access actions, Folder and file actions, Contact link actions, and Index actions for the date range specified. Note: this area's numbers reflect the "Overview" time period specified directly above it.

Beneath that you can filter your History in table form for:

  • A number of File and Folder actions as well as Access actions.
  • Specific database users
  • Specific default and/or custom dates. Note: this filter does not affect the informational area at the top of the page.

5. Storage

This area of your navigation menu simply reflects how much of your Imaging Storage you are currently using.

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