NEW: How Do I Access My Imaging Account?

Once you've established your Imaging account with Redtail, there are several routes you can take to access your Imaging database.

First, you can bookmark Imaging's web address or add a shortcut to your Imaging login on your desktop. You can visit Imaging's login page to bookmark it here.

Next, you can access your Imaging login page from our corporate site, under the Login menu: 


Click the "Login" button here and you'll then see you have access to log in to your CRM, Imaging,  Email, or Speak accounts:


Additionally, you have two areas from within the CRM to access your Imaging database:

1. Click the Integrations menu in the top right corner of your database and click Redtail Imaging (you'll then see a modal with one option being to launch Redtail Imaging):


2. From within a contact record. If in their Documents area, and on the Redtail Imaging Documents View, you'll see a Launch Imaging link for quick access to Imaging.


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