NEW: How Do I Search for specific words or phrases in Folder Or File Names Within Imaging?

You can search for specific folders or files within your Imaging database based upon their specific folder or file name.  Your Search box is always accessible within Imaging, regardless of what page you are currently viewing:




Let's imagine you were looking for the 2021 W2 for your client, Daisy Johnson, within your database.  Let's consider two examples of how you might locate this using Search.  In the first, we'll use the Search term "W2":




In the second example, we'll use the client's last name:




Since there isn't much data in the demo database we're using here, there aren't many results for either search term, but we were able to find what we were looking for quickly and easily. 

If, however, you have thousands of files within your database, it could take much longer to locate this file using either of these Search terms.  For that reason, we recommend including at least your Client's last name as part of the File Names for Images you upload within Imaging.  Doing so and knowing your naming convention for files will allow you to easily retrieve whatever files or folders you are looking for.

A best practice is to create a style guide for use with your Imaging account so that everyone using it understands the expectations and conventions when creating/naming files and folders.

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