NEW: How Do I Create And Apply Indexes In Imaging? How Do I Search For Indexed Images or Folders?

Indexes are available to help you organize your files and folders as well as to give you greater search capabilities than those available through the general search in Imaging. They allow you to decide the ways in which you might want to search for an Image or Folder and the capability to then index them according to the indexes you’ve created.

To begin creating indexes within your Imaging account, you'll need to go to Settings from the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of Imaging:


By default you should land on your Indexes page after clicking "Settings", but if not you can select Indexes from the Settings menu on the left:


Below is an example of an Imaging account that has some existing Active indexes. We’ll discuss working with existing Indexes after we take a look at adding a New Index.



Add New Index

In the example above, note the Create index button above the Active Indexes. Click on that button whenever you want to add a new Index to your Imaging database. You will then see the following:




Type the name of your new Index (this will show up as your Index’s Name, an example in the Active Indexes section above being “Document Date Signed".) You can optionally add a description for any of your indexes as well, if you think doing so might further clarify the purpose of a particular index. Then, click your Text Input button to choose whether you want your new Index to be a Text input, Number input, Date input, Yes/No selection, True/False selection, or Dropdown list:




If your Field type is anything other than "Dropdown list", you can then simply click the Save index button and your new Index will be available to apply to Images. If your Field type is "Dropdown list", you will need to enter the values you want to make available for this particular index for your Imaging database users prior to clicking Save index.

As an example, let's say we want to add a new Index, Writing Advisor, and set it up as a Dropdown list with three possible writing advisors as options.  After selecting Dropdown list, you'll see an area directly below that which says "Add a list item" - you can just click in that area to begin typing the list items (in this case, writing advisors) that you want to be available for the index. As you're typing one, you'll see that a new "Add a list item" box appears beneath for you to add another, a process which repeats until you have finished:



Once done, just click the Save Index button.


Edit Index

If you would like to edit a Index you previously created, you can simply return to this Indexes page, click the Index in question, make your desired change(s), and click the Save index button


Archive Index

If your firm ends up not using an index you've created, you can easily archive indexes. Again, just return to the Indexes page, hover over the row that contains the Index in question, and you'll see an Archive button appear at the end of its row. Simply click it to archive the index:



Once you've archived an Index, it will show up at the bottom of this page in an Archived Indexes area. From there you can permanently delete or restore an Index. In our example above, we've both archived and restored the "Tax Ramifications?" index.


Add Index to Image or Folder

We've now covered adding, editing and archiving Indexes.  Here we'll take a look at how you apply an Index to an Image or Folder.  

You'll first need to navigate within Imaging to the Folder or Image you'd like to index. Indexes can be applied from the image or folder's Details Panel. To access that panel, you can click anywhere on the row for that object to the right of the object's name:


Once you've accessed that panel, you'll see an Indexes area at the bottom. If you click the "+" icon there, you'll see an Apply Indexes area open up, allowing you select your desired Index from those available in your Imaging account.

If you were to add four Indexes for this image, it might look like the below after you have saved our changes and returned to this area:




Note as well that if you hover over any of these applied indexes you'll see a "-" at the end their row - clicking that icon will archive the index for that client, removing it from their active indexes.

Once you’ve assigned a value to an Image or Folder for one of these Indexes, it then becomes searchable using the Index Search for that Index.


Search Indexes

In order to search for Images or Folders based upon Indexes applied to them, you'll need to click inside the Search box, then click Advanced Search, and then click Filters. You can then search by any combination of File type and/or Indexes that you've applied to your folders or images:



In the above example, we've searched for folders or images that have Fidelity listed as the value for the Custodian index and turned up three (one folder and two files) that meet that criteria. 



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