NEW: How do I move folders in Imaging to another location within Imaging

At times you may need to move a Folder (or multiple folders) to a different area within your Imaging database. The process for doing so is straightforward.

To move an individual Folder

First, navigate within Imaging to the Folder you'd like to move.  This may require that you click top-level folders and drill down to sub-folders until you locate what you're looking for. Note: if you're unsure where to find the folder, you can use the Search option at the top of your database to locate it.

As an example, let's say you created a folder for client Dalton Grant, but you inadvertently created it in the wrong place within your folder structure in Imaging and now you want to move it to where it belongs. First, you'd need to navigate to where the folder currently resides:



Next, you'd need to access the Details Panel for the folder by clicking to the right of the folder's name, click the Move icon, navigate to the area where you'd like to move the folder, and then click Move:




As you can see above, after you've moved the folder you can then go to the area you moved it and you will see that the folder was successfully moved.

To move multiple Folders

First, navigate within Imaging to the area where the Folders currently reside (or search for them if they are in different areas of Imaging to bring them up on the same page of search results). Then, select the folders you want to move and click the Move icon that appears at the bottom of the page after selecting:




The process is then the same as outlined above for moving an individual folder.


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