NEW: How Do I See A Log History For My Imaging Database?

If you need to see a Log History of all Actions performed within your database, you can do so by clicking the History option in your navigation menu:




This will then take you to a Log History of all activity within your Imaging database. Below is a sample portion of an Imaging Log History:




Above your Log History, you'll find an Overview of the different types of actions (User access actions, folder and file actions, contact link actions, and index actions) that are tracked in the Log History, which you can filter by multiple time frames:


You'll also find three buttons that will allow you to filter your history by the type(s) of activity performed, the user that performed the activity, and/or the time frame in which the activity(s) were performed:


Your Activity options are:

  • All Activity (default)

File and folder actions

  • Added
  • Archived
  • Restored
  • Renamed
  • Deleted
  • Moved
  • Downloaded
  • Index added or removed
  • Contact linked or unlinked

Access actions

  • Log in
  • Log out

Note: you can select an individual or multiple Activities by selecting them from this menu, at which point you will see check marks appear next to the Activity within the menu. You can deselect an Activity by clicking it again. 

Your User options allow you to filter by your Imaging users and your Time Frame options allow you to filter by predefined or customs periods of time.

The history log itself is divided into three columns, displaying the Date/Time the Action was performed, a Description of the Action, and the Imaging user that performed the Action.

If you would like to download the Log History currently on display, note that there is a download button that will allow you to do so above and to the right of the User column in your Log History:


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