NEW: How Do I Download An Image From Redtail Imaging?

To download a file (Image) from your Imaging database, just search for the Image or navigate to its location:


Once it's displayed onscreen, there are two methods available for download. From the example above, let's say you'd like to download the "521-1" document.

The first method just requires clicking the actual file name in the Name column. You should see the file download immediately. Note: this does require that you click directly on the file name - if you click the icon that indicates the type of file it is, or if you click anywhere to the right of the file name, you'll instead see the Details Panel for the file slide over from the right of your screen. Also, if the file is a PDF, you'll first see a preview which you can then download if desired.

Let's go ahead and take a look at that Details Panel, as that's where your second method for downloading a file is located:



As you can see above, once you've opened up the file's Details Panel, you can simply click the Download icon to download the file to your computer.


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