NEW: How can I back up my Imaging account?

Backing up your Imaging account is a very simple process. 

To do so, first click the Home button from your Navigation menu:


This will take you to the top level of your Imaging account (where all of your top-level folders should reside):


To download/back up everything from your Imaging account, simply place a check next to "Name" above the column containing all of your top-level folders/files. This will automatically select everything at this level (as well as everything inside all of these folders) - you can then click the Download button at the bottom of the page:


The amount of time your download will take just depends upon how much you have stored in Imaging and your download speeds.

Once the download is complete, you can work with the zip file and its contents, saving to the desired area of your computer or computer network.

Note: most Windows operating systems have a 260-character maximum path length for Windows File Explorer; if you have any issues with accessing files from a back-up, it could potentially be because of the length of your file directory. As a fix you can try renaming the folder name(s) in the file path to reduce characters.

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