NEW: Image Actions Available In Redtail Imaging

From your Details Panel for any image/file in Redtail Imaging, you'll find various options for working with your Images. To access that panel, you can simply click anywhere on the row for that image to the right of the image name:




Let's break down everything you would find in the Details Panel for an Image:


At the very top of the panel, you'll see the file's name - in this case the file is named 521-1.

Directly beneath that you'll find the Details section which includes the file's size (11.5KB), type (Document), its Location within your Imaging folder structure, and the date and time the file was uploaded as well as who uploaded it.

Between the file's size and those other details, you'll find four Action icons:


If you hover over each of these, you'll see a tooltip displaying what the icon is for. In order though, these icons allow you to:

Learn more about each of these Actions by clicking its Helpdesk link above. 

At the bottom of the panel, you'll find that you can view or add Indexes to your files. Learn more about that here.

Finally, at the very bottom of the panel you can view a History of actions taken with the file, beginning with its upload. Learn more about that here.

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