NEW: How Do I Link Folders In Imaging To Contact Records In Redtail CRM?

After creating a Folder for a client within Imaging, it is a good practice to link that Folder to your client's record in your CRM in order that you might access their files that have been uploaded into Imaging from their Contact Record in the CRM.

In order to link folders, you'll first need to enable this integration between Redtail Imaging and Redtail CRM. To do so, from within your Imaging account expand the dropdown menu in the upper right corner and select Settings:



Then, select Integrations:



You'll then need to toggle the slider to the right for the Redtail CRM integration . . .


at which point you'd see the below:



From the pulldown menu, select the Redtail CRM database with which you want to establish this Imaging integration and then click the Confirm button. You'll then be able to begin linking your folders in Imaging to their corresponding Contact Records in Redtail CRM.

In our example below, we'll be linking the Client Folder for Melissa Crane to her contact record within Redtail CRM.

To establish this link, locate the top-level folder for Melissa Crane. Then, you can simply click anywhere on the row for that top-level folder to the right of the folder name to pull out its Details Panel, click the + icon for Linked Contacts, begin typing in the client's name, and then select the correct name once you see it:



Moving forward you can easily see that the folder has been linked to a contact record in Redtail CRM:


Note: you can unlink a Linked Folder from the Details Panel as well:



Where Will This Linked Folder Show Up in my CRM?

To view a client's Imaging files in your CRM after setting up this link, you can click their name in the Details panel under Linked Contacts when you have that section expanded in Imaging. This will take you to their client record in the CRM. Then, click Documents from the Contact's menu within Redtail CRM.

Then, on their Documents page, click Redtail Imaging in the Document Views box.

From there, you can access the Imaging folder and all its subfolders and files from within your CRM (and this area updates in real time along with any changes made within Imaging).

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