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Digital Account Opening

Setting up the integration:

If you have not previously enabled the baseline integration, please complete the steps below to begin the setup process:

  • SEI requires a specific authorization form to activate the Redtail integration with SEI. Please contact to obtain the applicable form.

After SEI and Redtail establish the connection of data, there are a few one-time set-up steps that must be completed to enable the integration features. Follow the instructions below in order to complete the integration and verify functionality:

  • Select Manage Your Integrations from the menu accessible under your Name in the top right corner of Redtail:


  • Navigate to the SEI tile within the list of integration partners, click its Actions menu, and select "Settings":

  • Click the "Link with SEI Wealth Platform" button:

  • Log in to SEI Advisor Center. When logging in be sure to check the "Remember Me" box. This allows you to keep the integration set without always having to reenter your password:


  • Complete the multi-factor authentication process. NOTE: You will have to update your password every 90 days.
  • Once logged into SEI Advisor Center, click the Links menu:

  • Select Redtail from the dropdown to confirm you’re able to link to Redtail successfully. If the link doesn’t populate automatically, wait a minute, refresh the page and the link will populate.
  • Once you’ve successfully logged back into Redtail, log out of Redtail and close your web browser.
  • Reopen your browser and log back into Redtail. Select SEI from the integrations menu accessible in the top right of Redtail CRM.
  • Then, click Launch Wealth Platform to confirm that you’re able to link back to SEI successfully:


If you have already enabled the baseline integration:

  1. Select Manage Your Integrations from the menu accessible under your Name in the top right corner of Redtail:


  2. Navigate to the SEI integration tile and select the dropdown menu with the “cog” icon. Once the Update Integration Settings box populates, click the contact Sync toggle from “Off” to “On” and click out of the pop-up. Be sure to select the “X” when exiting the Update Integration Settings page. Do not select “Cancel”:


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Only one user in a Redtail database should enable the integration. If more than one user enables this integration, there is the potential for duplicate non-SEI Redtail contact records to populate in the Digital Account Open search bars. 


Once you complete these steps, it will take a few minutes for non-SEI clients to populate in The Digital Account Open search bar. When contacts populate, you will see the Redtail icon to the left of the prospect name indicating that their entry derived from Redtail:




Integration functionality:

Once you have enabled the integration, all of your qualifying non-SEI Redtail contacts will be visible in Digital Account Open. 

In order for a non-SEI contact to populate as a prospect, SEI requires a minimum data capture. The contact in Redtail must have a contact name and either a primary address, phone number or email listed. As an example, if the contact has a name and only a non-primary address, the contact will not populate in Digital Account Open; however, if they have a name and a primary address, they will. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are an SEI Advisor Center user with an administrator role, Redtail contacts WIL NOT populate in Digital Account Open. Presently, SEI only supports this integration for SEI Advisor Center users with an advisor, firm all processing or firm all processing oversight role. 

As a best practice, simply have one advisor per firm set this integration. 

Additionally, if there are restrictions that assign a Redtail contact to one or more Redtail users who has not enabled the integration, that contact WILL NOT populate in Digital Account Open. 

You may also create a new contact, update the contact’s information or delete a contact and those changes will apply in SEI. 

NOTE: See the FAQ below for a list of data points that can flow to SEI. 


  1. How do I know if my Redtail contact is a SEI client? 
    You will know that a contact is a SEI client because there will be the SEI icon to the left of the contact’s name. So, contacts without the SEI icon are considered non-SEI client. 
  2. What data points can flow from Redtail into Digital Account Open? 

    - Contact first, middle and last name or business name  

    - Date of birth 

    - Primary address 

    - Primary phone number 

    - Primary email 

    - Tax Identification Number 

    - Marital status 

  3.  Where can non-SEI contacts from Redtail populate in Digital Account Open?

    - Account owner search 

    - Grantor on a trust search 

    - Beneficiaries search 

    - Third party recipients search

  4. Why aren't my non-SEI contacts populating in Digital Account Open search capabilities?

    - Presently, SEI only pulls in Redtail contacts with the contact type of individual or business, all other contact types won’t flow to SEI. 

    - If you have an administrator role on SEI Advisor Center, you do not have access to see Redtail contacts in SEI but you can enable the integrations so advisor(s) in your office can see contacts. 

    - There are restrictions on the contact; i.e., a different advisor or team has been assigned to the contact within your Redtail database. 

SEI resources:

The SEI resource page

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