Database Ownership FAQ

What is a DBO/Database Owner?

When setting up your Redtail CRM you may have noticed a note saying: "Please note: The information entered in this form will be used to create a database owner." The first and last name plugged into this page would be the DBO (Database Owner). This person's username would be the original username used to create the database, which is sometimes referred to as the DBO or Master Username. This username will have access to everything available within the CRM. For instance: Manage your subscriptions, where you can update billing information and much more. This username will also see all contacts, notes, activities, etc., regardless of  permission or privacy settings.

The username itself has those abilities, however, more importantly, the person considered DBO has full authority over the subscriptions. This means they would be the only person, by default, with whom Redtail support could perform security checks; there would be no limit to these requests. (This can vary due to Broker-Dealers; please reach out to see if yours may have specialized setups)

In Redtail's eyes, the DBO is the owner of the subscription and the data within it. If you choose to share a database with someone and you are not the DBO, please be aware that in Redtail's eyes the DBO is the owner of the subscription and data within. So if you happen to have a partnership split, for example, it would be the DBO's responsibility to separate the database. Redtail support can assist with moving the data to another database, after a security check with both DBOs. Redtail cannot and will not settle disputes between data ownership. The current DBO would need to approve data to be copied to another Redtail Database or approve a DBO change. (This can vary due to Broker-Dealers; please reach out to see if yours may have specialized setups)


What if we need to change DBOs?
When both parties are on good terms, DBO changes can be a breeze! You would just email or call Redtail support and let us know your goal is to change DBOs. We would ask a few questions and get the request submitted. After that, a tenured agent will reach out to both DBOs via a phone call to complete a security check. They will ensure that both parties are aware of what is taking place and know what they are approving. The final step would be confirming this information with the new Database owner.


At this point, you may be wondering: Well, what about the DBO/Master Username?

In these events, we would recommend that the new DBO take ownership of the current master username, for the abilities given by that username. Unless the DBO opposes, Redtail will guide the new DBO through taking over the username, and possibly creating a new username for the old DBO (in the cases that the old DBO still needs to be a part of this database). This ensures that only the true DBO has access to the features given to that username. In the future, we do plan on having the ability to just move the features to the appropriate username, however at this time that is not possible due to the way the master username is associated with the database.


What if we need to change DBOs, and the current DBO is unreachable?
In these rare circumstances, we would work with you to determine the best options, however, we will briefly discuss them here. We would review any legal documentation you have showing proof of ownership, sold book of business, death certificates, etc. to see if we have legal documentation allowing us to make the change without going through the current DBO. In some cases, however, things are not amicable yet both parties find a fair way to separate. In many of these cases, one person starts their own Redtail CRM and they have their data copied from their old database to the new one they own with the permission of the old DBO. Many times offices have internal agreements, understandings, or even legal obligations to allow individuals to retain their clientele. The current DBOs usually do not want someone taking their clients' data but are okay with releasing the data to a person they are separating from. In these cases, a tag group can be made with all of the person’s contacts and we can copy it to their new database. At that point the DBO of the old database typically will delete those contacts as they do not want or need them. (Redtail cannot force them to delete the contacts).


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