Webmail 9.0: Setting Up An Out Of Office Message

Going to be away from the office for a few days? Setting up an Out of Office Message within Redtail Webmail to let those who contact you via email know you're away is a quick and easy task. An Out of Office Message automatically replies to people who send you messages when you are out of the office.

With Webmail, you can send out-of-office replies for any duration you specify.

  1. Go to your Webmail Settings:


  2. Click Out Of Office in the left pane:


  3. Check the box Enable automatic response during these dates (inclusive).

  4. Specify a From date.

  5. Specify an Until date.

    • If the until date is uncertain, check the box No end date.

  6. Type a response that you’d want to send while you are out of office.

    • Test out the response by clicking Send sample copy to me.




Out of Office replies for external senders

You can choose if you want to send an out-of-office response to senders who are not in your organization (external senders).


If you click inside the pulldown menu to the right of External Senders, there are three options in the available:


Send standard automatic response

Choose this option to send the same response specified above, to external senders.

Send external automatic response

Choose this option to bring up a text box and type a separate response to external senders. Click Send sample copy to me to test out this response.

Do not send automatic response

Choose this option to avoid sending out-of-office response to external senders.

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