Webmail 9.0: Read Receipts

Within Redtail Webmail, a user can request a read receipt on a message they've composed to have a return receipt message sent back to them when the message is opened by the intended recipient(s). To request a read receipt, a user would follow the steps outlined below:

Request Read Receipts

When composing an email, click the three-dot menu (ellipsis h) to the right of the From address and choose Request Read Receipt to ask your recipients for a read receipt:




Remember that this is only a request, and your recipients have the option not to send the acknowledgment. Refer the Sending Read Receipts section below to learn more.


Sending Read Receipts

If requested by the sender, you can send a read receipt to confirm that you have opened their message.

In Webmail, you can decline to send this read receipt, or have Webmail ask you for confirmation.

  1. Select Gear icon  Settings:


  2. Under Viewing Email, click the Read receipts drop-down:


    When you click inside that drop-down, you'll see the below options:


    Ask me

    As soon as you open an email where a sender has requested a read receipt, you receive the prompt below.

    • Click "X" to decline to send a read receipt.

    • Click Send read receipt to let the sender know that you have read the message.

    Ask Me

    Choose this option to receive a confirmation before sending a read receipt.

    Always Send

    Choose this option to send a read receipt every time to recipients.

    Never Send

    Choose this option, so Webmail does not send a read-receipt to recipients.

  3. At the bottom of the Settings, click Save.

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