Webmail 9.0: Managing Contact Lists

Redtail Webmail includes a feature that allows users to create Contact Groups. This is especially helpful when you want to send an email to a specific set of people. With Contact Groups, instead of typing everyone’s email address, you type in the name of your list, and Zimbra sends the email to all addresses in that list.

The steps to create a Contact Group within Redtail Webmail are outlined below.

This is a two-step process. First, you'll need to create your list. Then, you can add your contacts to it.

Create a Contact list

  1. Click your Contacts tab.
  2. In the New List field, enter the name of your contacts list and then click Enter on your keyboard:


  3. If I had added a New List called "Vendors" here, my Contacts navigation pane would now appear as the below:


    I now have a List called "Vendors" underneath my Contacts.
    Note: You can right-click a list, which you have created, to rename or delete it.

Add Contacts to a List

  1. Click a contacts folder to list all the contacts in that folder.

  2. Select the contacts which you want to add to your list. Note: You can hold the Ctrl (Cmd) and Shift keys to highlight multiple names to expedite the process. Holding the Ctrl (Cmd) key allows you to select non-consecutive names and the Shift key allows you to select multiple consecutive names within the list. 

  3. After making your selection(s):
    -- Choose Assign to Lists by right-clicking the selected contacts.
    -- Select a contact and choose Assign to Lists from the Contact Details Pane.
    -- Select multiple contacts and click Assign Contacts under Assign in the Contact Details Pane.
  4. Whichever of the routes above you choose, you'll next see the below:


    Here you can create a New List (just type in your desired name and click "Add") or select by checking off options from your available Lists. Then click "Done". The contacts you selected in Step 3 will then be added to the List(s) you selected here.

Send email to everyone on a list

  1. Click the Mail tab.


  2. Click New Message:


  3. In the To field, begin typing the name of your desired List.

  4. The list should appear as one of the suggestions.

  5. Select the list.

  6. Webmail will then populate the To field with all the email addresses from that list.

  7. Compose your message.

  8. Click Send.

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