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Marketing Tools

Setting up the integration:

Within your MyNameFlow (MNF) account, you can connect Redtail to MyNameFlow. Click "Add Redtail" on the "Add Accounts" page and you'll then see an area to enter your Redtail credentials:




After entering your credentials and clicking the "CONNECT" button, your Redtail account will show up as a Connected Account after your credentials have been authenticated.


Integration functionality:

After connecting your MNF account with Redtail CRM, the MNF system imports those of your Redtail Contacts whose Contact Type is "Individual" and who have at least one email address. Each unique email address is a source of Name in the MNF system. If the email address is new in the MNF user Names list, the new Name is created. Data imported from Redtail is displayed in the user MNF account on the Names list.



Within MNF, users will have the full capability to edit/remove persons on the list by selecting Edit Name or Make Inactive to the right of the name:



As long as your Redtail account stays connected with your MNF system, new unique email addresses are searched for and imported to the MNF system daily and placed in the Add Names folder for user review.

MyNameFlow resources:


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