Webmail 9.0: Updating to the Modern Version from the Classic Version

Redtail Webmail can be accessed in different versions. Each time you log in, you can choose which web client version you want to use, from Default, Classic, or Modern.

  • Default is the client type configured within the Settings of your Redtail Webmail account. It can be either Modern or Classic.
  • The Modern Web Client is the latest version of Webmail, which we rolled out in early 2022.
  • The Classic Web Client is the version that was available prior to the Modern.

In order to begin using the Modern Version of Webmail, you will need to select that option when logging in:




As you can see above, your Web App Version options are Default, Classic, or Modern.

If your preferred type is not the default, you can change it after logging into your Redtail Webmail account. Below are the steps one would take to change the default version:

If you are in the Classic Version of Webmail, click the Preferences tab:



Select General within the Preferences navigation pane on the left. Within the Sign In section that appears to the right, select Modern to update to the Modern Version of Webmail:




Next, simply click the "Save" button on the top left hand side of the page (above "Preferences") to preserve the changes you made.

The next time you log in, the Modern version will be the default version.

If, in the future, you'd like to revert back to the Classic Version as your Default login temporarily or permanently for any reason, just log in after choosing "Classic" and update your Preferences so that "Classic" is your default login option.


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