Webmail 9.0: Sharing Mailbox Folders

Redtail Webmail affords users the ability to share mailbox folders, address books, and calendars with other users. When you delegate access with internal users or groups, you choose the type of access you wish to grant.

The delegation of access is a simple process that we will explore below. This post will focus on the sharing of a mailbox folder

First off, you will want to log into Redtail Webmail. If you need assistance with accessing webmail, click here.

Once you are logged into your webmail account, you will want to locate the mailbox folder you wish to share within your mailbox hierarchy pane to the left and right-click on the folder. Then click "Share":




After selecting Share, you can choose appropriate permissions from the Sharing Permissions drop-down:



Your sharing permissions options are:


Users can view all emails under the shared folder but cannot make changes to that folder.

View, edit, add, and remove

Users have permission to view and edit the contents of a folder, create new subfolders, present items on your behalf, and delete items from the folder.

View, edit, add, remove, and administer

Users have permission to view and edit the content of a shared folder, create new subfolders, present on your behalf, delete items from the shared folder, and share the folder with others.


Next, enter the email address(s) with whom to share the email folders and click Save for your changes to take effect.

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