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Insurance Software

Setting up the integration: 

First, set up your office’s Healthpilot Advisor account at and click “Get Started”. For assistance with Healthpilot, reach out to

Once you’ve set up your Healthpilot account and logged in, use the Redtail CRM integration to import your client data, facilitating quick client referrals.

To import your clients from Redtail, select “Import My Clients from CRM”:




Next, choose Redtail from the dropdown options:




Then, enter your Redtail CRM credentials and click the Submit button:




Integration functionality:

After you've entered your credentials in the step above and clicked the Submit button, you'll be prompted to select which client Types you’d like to include in the import process (e.g., clients, client spouses, & prospects). Make those selections and click the Submit button.

The integration will import your client list and give you a report of any clients that did not successfully import (the report will provide the reason the client(s) couldn't be imported so that you can correct that):




To correct the “error results”, simply update the client record(s) in Redtail CRM and re-import using the instructions above. Clients that have already been successfully imported will not be duplicated on subsequent import attempts.


Healthpilot resources:




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