Redtail CRM Mobile Release Notes

Note: not all Redtail CRM Mobile Release Notes will be published here, as many updates will not necessarily be "visible" to Redtail subscribers or relevant to how you interact with the UI. Instead we will focus upon providing short descriptions here of Release Notes that are notable in regard to what you see or how you interact with Redtail CRM Mobile.


2023.1.24.0 - 01.24.23


*Added: You can view your CRM Reminders within Redtail CRM Mobile. More information is available on this here.


2022.3.17.0 - 03.17.22


*Added: You can now select from available Note Templates when creating Notes in Redtail Mobile.


*Added: You can now create follow-up activities when creating Notes in Redtail Mobile, and select from available Activity Templates to use for those follow-up activities.


2021.12.23 - 12.23.21 


*Added: You can now select more than one contact when adding contacts to Activities from the app.

*Added: When creating activities in the app, you can now select from your Activity Templates to get the ball rolling.


*Added: You can now add or removed linked contacts to/from Opportunities within the app.


11.23.20 - v3.12.0

Privacy Options

*Added: When creating an activity in the app, you’ll now see that you have an option to select Privacy Options.

Style Options

*Added: You can now add styling to Note, Workflow, Opportunity, and Activity description text in the app with bold, underline, italic, and list options.


9.21.20 – v3.11.0 


*Added: You can now see your Favorite Contacts within the app. You can also set your preference between Favorites, Contacts A-Z, and Recently Viewed as the default view for your Contacts screen. Additionally, the “favorite” icon will display on each of these screens, as well as on the individual contact record screen next to the contact’s name.


*Added: Tapping a Seminar Attendee’s name will now take you to their contact record within the app.


*Added: You can now view Workflows in Redtail Mobile. You can also view, complete, and edit your Workflow tasks within the app.


V1.5.29 – 6/06/2016

* Added:  Account Details page. Items like Assets, Symbols, etc., are now included in app.

* Updated: Recently Viewed contacts auto update now.

* Added: You can now read Note comments within the app.

* Updated: In Note Detail view you can now see the time a Note was created as well as its Category.

* Fixed: Events now support all of your activity types. Before this fix, custom activity types were not supported.

* Added: Open opportunities now visible in the app.

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