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Redtail Speak offers a compliant way for you to text message your clients and collaborate with your staff in real-time. With texting now an everyday part of every generation’s lives, incorporating a texting solution into your practice as a financial advisor allows you to solidify your client relationships through more effective engagement and improved communications.

Redtail Speak is available as a standalone texting/chat solution, while offering integration with Redtail CRM for those who subscribe to both solutions.

Using Speak, every text conversation is fully searchable and automatically archived, recorded daily, and sharable with email surveillance providers, offering you a safe, compliance-approved way to communicate with your clients. Speak also empowers your team to communicate directly with each other by providing team members with access to the same communication threads, which helps to eliminate bottlenecks.

We believe Speak will help you overcome many of the biggest challenges advisors face regarding client communication while also freeing up your valuable time for other important client service activities.


Some of the features of the Redtail Speak app include:

  • its functionality as both a texting solution between advisors and their clients as well as a collaborative communication platform for advisors and staff
  • its ability to provide secure texting to clients
  • everything that is sent through Speak is automatically archived—everything is searchable. Institution-level searching is also available.
  • the capability to send and receive attachments—images, Office files, etc. View images inline, with no need to download.
  • integration with Redtail CRM for Redtail subscribers. For those users, your Redtail CRM contacts can be automatically synced to your Speak account and your chat history with Redtail contacts will be available inside their contact record in the CRM.
  • it allows you to customize your texting Invite Message to your clients. You can set that message as the default for all your team or allow them to craft their own Invite Messages.
  • unlimited channels for group team chats and unlimited private direct messaging for one-on-one conversations with other team members
  • an Out of Office option. You can set this up to automatically send a reply if a client messages you while you are unavailable. You can also set the date/time when this Out of Office response clears.
  • full emoji support
  • the ability to view messages you’ve scheduled for a later date and/or time
  • the ability to include photographs you take as a part of your text or chat messages, if you allow camera access
  • the ability to use Message Templates you’ve created in order that you might streamline creation/delivery of commonly sent messages of a similar nature

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