Sending a Speak Invite Message to a Contact

Before you begin sending text messages to a contact in your Speak database, you first have to send them an Invite Message, which they in turn have to accept. You can learn more about customizing your Invite message in our Speak Settings post here. In this post, we'll address how you go about sending that message.

From a contact's Inbox in Speak, if they have not yet been sent an Invite Message you will see the below at the bottom of their Inbox texting pane:



What you see here are the contact's initials and name at the top, followed by the date and time they were manually added to your Speak database. Then, you'll see an indication that you've joined the room (in this case that individual team member who has joined the room is "Paul Cantrell".

Beneath this info, you'll see the option to send the contact an invite.

When you click "Send invite" here, a text will be sent to the contact's mobile number that looks similar to the below:



Note: see the Speak Settings documentation for details on customizing this initial message to your contact.

If your contact responds to your message with a "yes", you will have established an Inbox Room for communicating back and forth with them via text:


As you can see above, you now have the option to begin sending messages to this contact.

In the meantime, they will have received another text that looks something like the below:



Going forward when they send a text to your Speak phone number, you will receive it within Speak. When you respond from within Speak, they will receive your response via text. 

Note: if you ever update a phone number for one of your Speak contacts, a new Invite Message will have to be sent to that updated phone number in order to continue texting them.

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