Manually adding a contact to Speak

To add a contact record to your Speak database, navigate to the "Texting" area of Speak and then click the Add Contact button:




You'll then see the below:




Add your contact's information: note that a mobile phone number is required if you want to communicate with the contact via Speak. After entering your information here, this area might look something like the below (we've blurred some personal info):




When you've added everything, click the "Save contact" button, and the contact will then have an Inbox in your Speak database, which you as the creator of the contact join automatically:




Note: you will need to send them an Invite Message to begin texting with them via Speak. How to send Invite Messages is covered here. 

Note as well: if your Speak database is integrated with Redtail CRM, creating a contact within Speak will also create a Contact Record in Redtail CRM for that contact.

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