Creating Message Templates in Speak

You can create Message Templates for Speak to simplify the process of sending messages that contain similar content. To create these, access your Speak settings from the menu in the upper right hand corner of your Speak account:




After clicking "Settings", you'll see the below:




From here, click "Message Templates" under the Messages header. At that point, you will see the below:

At the top, you'll see a button that says "Create template". Beneath that you'll see any existing message templates within your account.

To edit an existing template, simply click the template and you'll be able to edit its Title and/or the template content itself. You'll also see an option to add merge fields to the template.

To add a new message template, click the "Create template" button. You'll then see the below:

Just enter the name you want to use for the template and the message you'd like to send. If you click the Merge Fields option beneath the Message box, you'll see you can choose between available merge fields to add to your message template. Once done, click the "Save" button and your template will be ready for use the next time you need it.

Below is an example of a Message Template you might create to send to clients after an email has been sent to them with paperwork to sign. Note that a merge field (for their first name) is included in the template:



After saving this Message Template, we could then use it with our Speak contacts.

Let's imagine we had sent an email to Sidney Crosby requesting signatures, and now wanted to shoot this text message over to them. We'd first go to Sidney's Texting Inbox. Then, at the bottom of the conversation stream, we'd click the Message Template icon in the next text area:




At that point, we'd see an option to choose between our existing Message Templates:



Note that if you have many templates within your Speak database, you can search by name. In this case, we just need to click the template as it's clearly visible. After doing so, we'd see the below:




Note that because we included the First Name merge field, Sidney's name auto-populated after the word "Hi," saving us from needing to type anything additional (unless we need to further personalize the message or add additional details for a particular circumstance). Otherwise, when you use a template, you can just select the template and then click the Send button. If we sent this one as is, it would then be delivered to Sidney via text message and show up in our Speak Inbox for Sidney as below:



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