Scheduling a Text Message through Speak

If you would like to go ahead and draft a text message to be sent to a contact at a later time, go into the Inbox for that contact. Beneath your existing conversations, you'll see the below area:




In this example, we are in the Inbox for Sidney Crosby. Note that both the "Send" button and the clock icon are currently greyed out. This is because we haven't typed in a message yet so there is nothing available to schedule. Let's type a quick message in there:




Now that we've added a message, you can see that both the "Send" button and the clock icon (which is what you click to schedule your text) are now active. If we were to click the clock icon, we'd see the below:




You can edit the date and the time to schedule the message based upon your needs, as we've done in the example below:




After clicking the "Schedule" button, this message will then be sent on 12.14.21 at 10:30am Eastern time.

A confirmation that you have a scheduled message for the contact will appear above the area in the contact's Inbox where you type your text messages to them:




And, note the bold text to the right of that confirmation message, which is a link to all of your scheduled text messages. Were you to click it, below is an example of that area:




As you can see, there is one additional text message currently scheduled in your Speak account here. If for some reason you need to delete one of these, you can hover over the message, at which point you'll see a trash icon to the right of the message. Clicking it will give you option to delete the scheduled message:




Note: you can access your Scheduled Messages at any time from one other place as well:

  • by clicking the icon with three dots on the top left that display in the area of your Inbox and Team Chats:



Clicking "Scheduled Messages" here will take you to the exact same area that you access when clicking "View all scheduled messages" from within a contact's Inbox.

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