Webmail 9.0: Adding Signature

If using Redtail Webmail as your email client, you'll want to set up your signature file for your email account within the webmail client. To create your signature:

Click the gear icon cog icon in the upper right corner of your Webmail interface and then select "Settings"




On the resulting window, select Signatures within the navigation area on the left:



You'll then see the below Account Signatures area:



Within the Standard Signature box, enter all of the information exactly as you want it to appear as  your default signature when sending an email. Note that you do have a formatting bar beneath the Standard Signature box that offers greater control in terms of the appearance of your signature (font, size, etc).

Within the Reply or forward signature box, enter a simplified version of your signature if possible. This is the signature that will show up for you when replying to or forwarding an email, and using a shorter, simplified version of your signature makes scrolling through an email conversation simpler and quicker for everyone involved in the conversation.

Below is an example of what this area might look like with signatures added to both boxes:


After adding these signatures, click the "Save" button and the signature(s) you've added here will be added to messages you send from the Webmail platform.

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