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Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration:

In order to use the integration between Redtail CRM and OnBord, a Redtail admin user must first add two Account User Defined Fields within Redtail to allow proper communication between the platforms.

To do so, the admin user can go to Manage Your Account:



Then, in the Admins Only section, select Manage Database Lists:


On the resulting page, select "User Defined Fields" under the Accounts header:


From there, you'll use the "add" button to add each of your new Account UDFs:


For the first one, you'll set it up as in the below example:


Click "add account udf" to save this new Account User Defined Field and then click the "add" button again to add your second Account UDF. You should set it up as in the below example:


The Name fields must match exactly to what is displayed above for each of these Account UDFs in order for the integration to function. The Field Types must be the ones selected above as well.

Once the above is completed, the OnBord admin will be able to connect their Redtail account to their OnBord profile.

From there, they will be able to add new users and each user can then sign into their Redtail account that is connected to the firm.


Integration functionality:

When a client is added to Redtail CRM using OnBord:

  • Tasks will be created for both the primary CSA and the Advisor to see depending on the type of account that is being opened for the client.
  • Additionally, a contact record will be created for the new client. (If the client already exists in Redtail, the new information will be overwritten rather than creating a duplicate account).
  • A note will be added to the client’s record stating that compliance documents were sent, with a timestamp of when they were sent out through the OnBord system.

OnBord resources:




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