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Marketing Tools (Lead Capture)

Setting up the integration:

You will first need to enable the integration with Redtail within your LeadCenter.AI account. Please follow the following steps to enable it:
1. Login to your account at LeadCenter.AI using https://app.oryxcloud.com/login. If you don't have an account yet, create a new account using https://app.oryxcloud.com/register.

2. On the main dashboard, click Setup on the bottom of the left menu ( https://app.oryxcloud.com/dashboard/settings):


3. Click Integrations at the bottom of the Setup Menu to open the Integrations screen. (  https://app.oryxcloud.com/dashboard/integrations):


4. On the Integrations screen, click the Connect button inside the Redtail box:


5. In the "Login to Redtail CRM" box, enter your Redtail username and password and click the Connect button:


6. If the integration is successfully set up, you will see a green ribbon with the message " Successfully connected to Redtail CRM. Configure the contact fields mapping to start pushing leads as contacts". Also a green CONNECTED tag will appear in the right-top corner of the Redtail box:


Now your contacts in Redtail CRM and LeadCenter.AI Lead Capturing are connected. The next step is to map the fields between leads in LeadCenter.AI and Contacts in Redtail. The first two sections under Integration functionality below will cover that.


Integration functionality


Mapping fields
Once LeadCenter.AI connection to Redtail is established and you have created all the additional custom fields you would like to push to Redtail contacts, the next step is to map lead fields in LeadCenter.AI to Redtail CRM fields. To accomplish this, click the Configure button in the Redtail box on the LeadCenter.AI integration screen:




This will open the field mapping screen where you can map  Redtail contact fields to LeadCenter.AI lead fields:




The mapping screen has all Redtails fields available to push data to. LeadCenter.AI lead fields will be available from the drop down box of each Redtail Field. For example, to map the Redtail contact first name field to LeadCenter.AI lead first name do the following steps.


1. Click the First Name field. This will open up a drop down box with all available lead fields in LeadCenter.AI:



2. Search for First Name and select it from the list. Now First Name in LeadCenter.AI is mapped to First Name in Redtail. When you push a lead from LeadCenter.AI to Redtail CRM, those fields will map together and the first name of the lead in LeadCenter.AI will be transferred as the Redtail Contact's First Name. Note: If you can't find the field you want to map in the drop down, you should create it first as a custom field in LeadCenter.AI. More information about creating Custom Fields in LeadCenter.AI will be provided later in this article.

3. Once you map all the fields you want to map, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes:




The following Redtail contact fields can be filled from LeadCenter.AI leads:
  1. Salutation
  2. First Name
  3. Middle Name
  4. Last Name
  5. Suffix
  6. Preferred Pronouns
  7. Nickname
  8. Designations
  9. Job Title
  10. Employer
  11. Family Name
  12. Address Type (multiple addresses can be pushed from LeadCenter.AI to Redtail)
  13. Is Primary Address
  14. Country
  15. Address
  16. Address Line 2
  17. City
  18. State
  19. Postal Code
  20. Email Type (multiple email addresses can be pushed from LeadCenter.AI to Redtail)
  21. Email Address
  22. Is Primary Email Address
  23. URL Website Type (multiple URLs can be pushed from LeadCenter.AI to Redtail)
  24. URL Website Address
  25. Status
  26. Gender
  27. Category
  28. Tax ID Number
  29. Source
  30. Marital Status
  31. Marital Anniversary
  32. Referred by
  33. Client Since
  34. Client Termination Date 
  35. Servicing Advisor
  36. Date of Birth
  37. Date of Death
  38. Writing Advisor
  39. Enable DOB Reminder? 
  40. Spouse Salutation
  41. Spouse First Name
  42. Spouse Middle Name
  43. Spouse Last Name
  44. Spouse Suffix
  45. Spouse Nickname
  46. Spouse Designations
  47. Spouse Job Title
  48. Spouse Employer

Creating Custom Fields in LeadCenter.AI

There are two types of lead fields in LeadCenter.AI: standard fields and custom fields.

Standard Fields
These fields are available out of the box in LeadCenter.AI. The following are the standard fields in LeadCenter.AI lead management software:
  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email
  4. Phone
  5. Inquiry
  6. Source
  7. Stage
  8. Company Name
  9. Address
  10. City
  11. State
  12. Zip/Postal Code
  13. Country
  14. Interest In Which Category (The entries for those fields can be customized


If you are using LeadCenter.AI Forms for lead capturing, the following standard fields are captured with each form
  1. Form Lead Source
  2. Campaign Source
  3. Campaign Medium
  4. Campaign Name
  5. Campaign Term
  6. Campaign Content


Custom Fields

Redtail CRM contact has more fields than the basic fields in LeadCenter.AI. If you would like to fill those details in LeadCenter.AI leads before pushing to Redtail, you can use the Lead Custom Fields feature to achieve that. To learn how to create custom fields in LeadCenter.AI Leads, please read their article How to Create Custom Fields.

Note: When creating custom fields, make sure to create the correct custom field type and data type so they will map accurately to Redtail contact field type and data type. 


Pushing leads to Redtail as contacts


To push a lead to Redtail, 
1. Open a lead page from the lead management dashboard.
2. Click the Lead Actions button in the upper right corner


3. Click Push to Redtail CRM in the lead actions list:



Once you click the Push to Redtail CRM button, the job will start to push the lead as a new Individual contact. The push will be queued as a job. It will take between 20 seconds and 2-3 minutes to create the contact, depending on the number of fields being pushed. Once the job is completed, you will receive an email notification.

If you mapped the Company field, the system will look to see if the company exists in Redtail. If it doesn't, it will create a new business contact for that company. If you don't wish to create new companies in Redtail, please don't map the company field.

If you mapped the Spouse fields, the system will also create a new individual contact for the Spouse and link it to the new contact as a spouse. 

LeadCenter.AI Help & Support: 
If you need help and support in setting up the integration and creating custom fields with LeadCenter.AI, please send an email to support@leadcenter.ai or call them at (281) 800-4771.

LeadCenter.AI resources:



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