Practice Management Takeover with Adam Cmejla founder of Integrated Planning & Wealth Management [49:24]


Utilizing Workflows to Drive a Repeatable & Consistent Prospecting Process

Most advisors are good at the first and second follow up with a prospect, but do you have a scalable, repeatable, and sustainable process for the entire prospect journey? Join Redtail and Adam Cmejla, CFP®, founder of Integrated Consulting & Advisory Solutions to learn how you can use workflows to scale a specialized prospecting process (and how this philosophy can be adopted in multiple other aspects of your practice). In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

● Use workflows to ensure that prospects stay top-of-mind for you & your firm

● Get out of “maybe-land” and use language in your follow up’s that compels a “yes” or “no.”

● Learn how workflows can help your team engage in the prospect process and free up your time

● “Scale special” even further with the use of Redtail broadcast emails and Text Expander for personalized follow-ups with your prospects.


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