New Partner Spotlight - PlantechHub [39:38]


Unleashing the power of the 1-page Financial Plan with PlantechHub & Redtail

Join our session to create and present a 1-Page financial plan that can be used with clients of any age or economic situation. This modern Cash-Flow engine with a Goal-Based attitude can increase the speed a quality plan can be delivered while promoting a digital and interactive experience that can quickly handle complex trade-off questions build into every plan. Additionally, We’ll discuss our unique integration methodology and how to get started connecting Redtail and PlantechHub together.

PlantechHub innovates Financial Planning technology to democratize the benefits of financial advice to all. Part of our mission is for advisors to offer planning services to a wider array of client, prospects, legacy clients and those that just need financial help. By reimagining traditional planning through the lens of modern interactivity, PlantechHub strives to revolutionize the value of planning services and increase its global reach.


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