Ladder Life

Integration Name:

Ladder Life

Integration Type:

Insurance software

Setting up the integration:

You may need to enable the Ladder integration within your database if it hasn't already been enabled. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here. Then, from the Manage Integrations page, click Settings from Ladder's Actions menu:


You'll then see the below: 


Here, enter your Ladder Life-associated email and click the "save" button.


Integration functionality:

After setting up the integration, when you access the Ladder integration from your Integrations menu within Redtail CRM, you'll see several options:


  • Send Dashboard Link - clicking this sends an email to the address you entered in your integration settings with a link to your Ladder Life Dashboard.
  • Open Coverage Calculator - clicking this takes you directly to the Coverage Calculator on Ladder Life's website.
  • Send Quote Invite to Contact - clicking this will send an invite to the Primary email address for the client from whose Redtail record you accessed the Ladder integration options. Note in the example above that after you've clicked this link to send an invite, a checkmark will be placed next to the option to let you know you've already sent this to the contact:


    The same applies for the Dashboard Link, i.e., a checkmark will be placed next to that option after it's been clicked.

Ladder Life resources:


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