Bento Engine

Integration Name:

Bento Engine

Integration Type:

Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration:

An API Key is required to allow Bento Engine to securely access Redtail and the CRM data required to identify Bento Advice Opportunities and create Bento Alerts as Redtail tasks.

To obtain an API Key, please contact Gavin Hay at Gavin or someone on his team will work with you to generate the API Key.

Once the API Key is generated, Bento completes the connection to your Redtail CRM system and begins to identify Advice Opportunities and create Bento Alerts as Redtail Tasks.

Integration functionality:

Bento connects via APIs with your Redtail CRM system and scans for and identifies upcoming Bento Advice Opportunities (e.g., advising on Catch-Up Contributions as clients or prospects approach age 50). When an Advice Opportunity is found, Bento pulls the appropriate content from the Bento Proprietary Content Library and delivers a compliance pre-approved Bento Advice Package to the advisor. This Advice Package comes in the form of a Bento Alert as a Redtail task and/or in an email. The Bento Advice Packages are designed to support the advisor in providing advice to their client or prospect.



Bento’s first Advice Program is called “Life in Numbers”. In this Program, Bento scans Redtail for 15 distinct age points among your clients, prospects and their family members:




When a client's, prospect's, or client/prospect family member’s upcoming birthday matches one of the 15 age points, Bento generates a Bento Alert on Redtail as a new task. Below is an example of a Redtail Task list containing Bento Alerts:


To access a Bento Alert, double-click the Task and the Alert will appear. Below is an example Bento Alert:


The Bento Alerts follow the same structure across all Bento Age Points:

  • The introduction of the current Bento Advice Opportunity for this client/prospect
  • Why this Bento Advice Opportunity might be relevant for this client/prospect
  • Links to compliance pre-approved materials that make up the Bento Advice Package
  • A summary of best practices
  • A summary of monetizable solutions that might be of relevance to the client/prospect

The Bento Alert includes links to Bento Advice Materials. Bento works with your compliance team to pre-approve all Advice Materials. The Materials are intended to support Advisors in their discussions with clients and prospects. Please note that the content and format of these documents may frequently be updated based on client feedback, compliance edits and changes in regulations.

The Advice Materials consist of:

Email Template

The email template is a word document that can be copied and pasted into your corporate email. The opening and closing can be personalized while leaving the body of the email unchanged for compliance reasons. 

PowerPoint and PDF Pages

The PowerPoint can be customized to your preferred corporate template and can be sent by the advisor directly to the client as a stand-alone page or as part of a broader PowerPoint presentation for discussion during an in person or video meeting. The PowerPoint has a similar “What”, “Why” and “How” structure across all Bento Age Points.

You can easily download the presentation or simply continue to access it via the link on the Bento Alert. Bento also provides a PDF version of the PowerPoint at your convenience. In addition, Bento provides a second page with supporting information including a disclaimer for compliance purposes.

Talking Points

The Talking Points are suggestions for how to effectively frame client calls on the Bento Advice Opportunity including suggested preparation before the call, introductions, key advice points, next steps and closing.

Advisor FAQs

The Advisor FAQs address key questions advisors and/or clients may have in general or in preparation for a conversation with a client. The FAQs follow a similar “What”, “Why”, “How” structure across all Bento Age Points. The FAQs also include links to other resources and further reading on the FAQ topics.

Bento Engine resources:


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