Integration Name:


Integration Type:

Investment Research

Setting up the integration:

To take advantage of this integration, an admin user of your Redtail CRM must enable the YCharts integration within your database. To enable, go to Manage Your Integrations from your Top Right Menu Bar: 


On the resulting page, scroll through our alphabetical list of integration partners until you see YCharts and click inside the On/Off toggle to enable the integration: 


Your database users can then take advantage of the Single Sign-On (SSO) option from Redtail CRM to YCharts.

Integration functionality:

To access that SSO option from Redtail, hover your cursor over your Integrations Menu, scroll until you see YCharts, and then click that option. You'll then see the below:


After clicking your Single Sign-On option here, a new window will open up displaying your YCharts Dashboard:


YCharts resources:


If you are looking for more Investment Research Software, click here! 

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