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Plain Wealth

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Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration:

Plain Wealth leverages information within Redtail to provide you a client-facing app, white-labeled to your name and brand. Accordingly, the general setup is performed in three stages:

  1. Within your Plain Wealth Admin portal

  2. By a Redtail admin within the Redtail account

  3. By advisors within Redtail or other Redtail users who can create contacts within Redtail

It is recommended that the above integrations occur in the above order.

Stage 1 – Setup within your Plain Wealth Admin portal

The 3 C’s of setup should be done in the Plain Wealth Admin Portal: connection, compliance, and customization.

These 3 C’s can be found on the top bar of your admin portal.

Connection: to connect Plain Wealth to Redtail, this is performed within the Plain Wealth Admin portal.  Click on connection on the top bar. A Redtail admin user must perform this connection.  As shown below you will enter in your Redtail username and password, then click connect.  This will establish the connection.  Real Wealth does not store your Redtail credentials.

RW1.jpgCompliance: next you will need to enter your compliance disclosure. This is typically similar to the disclosures you must make on your firm’s website. If you are associated with a broker-dealer you will need to include their information in the disclosure. Real Wealth automatically provides in the app the link to Broker Check, so you do not need to include that in your disclosure. Please use text only.

rw2.jpgYou will then need to enter or paste in the email compliance disclosure. When you are finished, click update. Please use text only.

rw3.jpgFinally, for compliance you may have an additional link, such as a web form where a client can fill out the “do not sell my information” form. If this is the case, then on the same page enter the link. Then click “Update Additional Disclosure URL.”

rw4.jpgThe final of the 3 setup C’s is customization. This is how you make Plain Wealth your own, setting up Plain Wealth to be branded as your specific client facing app.

Customization: you will need to choose three colors for your app: for the navbar, for the primary color that is used on buttons, and for the secondary color which is used for text on the tab-bar at the bottom of the app.

You can either enter the color with a hex code (#ffffff) or click the button with the paint brush on it in the applicable section. If you enter a valid hex code, the background of the brush button will change accordingly.


If you tap on the brush you will see a color selection board appear. Run your mouse pointer or finger across the color board to change colors. TAP or CLICK on color board when the color you like appears to choose displayed color. The “color choice” rectangle will change to the color you choose when clicking. Click finished when you are satisfied.


Make sure to enter hex codes or choose colors for the navbar, primary color, and secondary color.

Navbar: Must choose or enter #ffffff (white) for the navbar if your firm's horizonal logo is colored with dark colors. If you have trouble choosing, please consult with a Plain Wealth setup specialist and they can give you advice on your color scheme. The navbar is at the top of the app, and you will be choosing the background color. A navbar is shown below and white was the background chosen for it:


Primary color: You will next choose the primary color. This is often a dark color associated with your brand, or current website color scheme. This color is used for buttons and backgrounds in the app as shown below where a dark blue is the primary color:


Secondary Color: This color is used for the app’s bottom tab-bar font when a tab is selected and for various other small style pieces within the app. The word “home” is an example of where the secondary color is used. Clients often use their secondary logo color.


The next customization step is uploading your logo. This should be a logo that will look good on the app navbar, and the background color you choose for your app navbar. The recommended size is 600 px wide by 200px high. The format should be .png and have a clear background (“alpha channel”). If you don’t have a logo that will work, Plain Wealth has graphic designers on staff that can quote you for creating a logo or modifying your logo.

Uploading Logo: either drag your logo into the upload area or tap on the area to pick a logo from your computer.


Displayed firm name: You will then need to enter your firm's legal name as you would like it to be displayed throughout the app.


After the five steps above are complete, click the “submit for review” button. This will submit your initial styling choices or updated styling choices to the Plain Wealth review team. The review team makes sure that your choices look good in the application before making them live.



Stage 2 – Setup by a Redtail admin within the Redtail account

This part of the setup will enable advisors or representatives to display their bio and other helpful information to clients. The end result will allow the advisor or rep screen in the client app to appear as below.


Client User Defined Fields(udf): The “bio” of the “rep” are attached to user defined fields within Redtail and must first be created by a Redtail admin user.

To do so, first expand the dropdown in the top right-hand corner of Redtail and select “Manage Your Account.”


Next, in the Admins Only section at the bottom of the screen select “Manage Database Lists”:


Next, in the navigation menu which appears on the right of the screen, under “Contacts” choose “User Defined Fields.”


You need to create two user defined fields. For each begin by clicking the “add” button:

rw16.jpgThe first field to be created is Rep Bio. Enter the words "Rep Bio" into the name field, and choose the field type “Any Text.” This must be exact. Then select “add user defined field.”


The second field to be created is Rep Group Message. Under Name enter the words "Rep Group Message". Then select “Any Text” as the field type. Finally, click “add user defined field.”



Category setup:

From the top right menu, select Manage Your Account:



Next, in the Admins Only section on the bottom of the screen select “Manage Database Lists.”


Next, select Categories from the right side-menu:


Then, click "add":

plain5.jpgFinally enter the words "Representative Info" into the “Contact Category” field and click “add contact category":



You are now ready to have advisors and reps, or other users with sufficient permissions, create a contact which will store the above information, including the photo for the advisor or rep within Redtail.


Stage 3 – Setup by individual advisors or users with sufficient permissions to create a contact.

Now, the Redtail user can enter the below information in the contact which translates as data. Additional compliance steps can be taken depending on the firm’s compliance requirement.

Each advisor or rep seat purchased for the firm will then want to add a “contact” in Redtail. This contact will be of the category “Representative Info” which will allow the information in that contact to be seen by their clients in the Plain Wealth App.

First, create a new contact:


Under category choose “Representative Info”:


Next make sure to enter all the following information for the rep or advisor.  It is crucial that the email match the email associated with the advisor in the advisor’s Redtail user information.

  • Advisor Contact Required Information
    • Basic Information
      • Name
      • Job Title
      • Professional Designations
      • Mobile Phone
      • Email
      • Address
    • Category: Representative Info (from Contact Details)
    • Photo


Integration functionality

Advisor Page: 

The advisor page in the Plain Wealth app will expose the information entered for the particular advisor.  From the app the client will be able call, email, and navigate to the advisor’s office. It will show the client the advisor’s designation, title, and photo.

Although the screen shot below shows “Plain Wealth”, YOUR LOGO will appear at the top after proper setup.  In addition, the colors will be your branded colors:


Finally, click the UDFs tab for the advisor “contact” then click “add.”


You can then choose the Rep Bio or Rep Group Message udf to enter a bio for the advisor or rep and to have an announcement message which will display only to that particular advisor’s or rep’s clients. A first group message might be: “Welcome to the app.”

The “value” put in the Rep Bio udf and the Rep Group Message will then display in the app. Although the Rep Bio and Rep Group Message will scroll in the app, for the best user experience among multiple device sizes, it is recommended that the advisor use less than 40 words for each.


Request Service:

By default, the request service presents the client with a form to request service.  They are specifically advised to not put trading information in this form.  This will trigger an email to the advisor or rep with the requested service.           


This allows the client to request to schedule an appointment by email. (Note: there are more sophisticated methods if you have Calendly linked with Redtail and have purchased from Plain Wealth “in-app” calendar scheduling.)  Without the “in-app” option, the advisor will be sent an email indicating that the client wishes to schedule an appointment and the advisor or rep or his or her assistant can reach out and schedule the appointment at their convenience.


This client will be able to see their accounts as reflected in Redtail.  The Accounts are available on two screens with a details screen for details of the account and an asset screen.  Remember, it will not be the Plain Wealth logo at the top of the screens, but YOUR LOGO.


Optional Plugins

Plain Wealth currently offers two optional plugins:

  • Blog
  • Video Blog

The Blog and Video blog can be set up and maintained by you. If you haven’t purchased a Blog or Video Blog plugin, contact Plain Wealth and they can get you started.  If you have purchased you will see an “Articles” and “Media” tab at the top of your Plain Wealth Admin web portal.

Create Article: from the Articles tab, click “Create.”


Then you will be taken to a page where you can create the Article. 

Accordingly, for each article enter the following:  

  • Title
  • Slug: this is a unique identifier for example(estate_101_2022)
  • Type of Article : Article, News, Video(if you purchased video option)
  • Thumbnail photo (16x9 aspect ratio preferred)


If you have the role “compliance admin”, you will be able to approve the article; if not, once you have switched to “Ready to Publish” the compliance admin will have to switch the “Approved by Compliance”.  Once it is approved it will process to be made available in the App generally within 24 hours.

If you wish to have an image display within the body of the article, you will upload the image under the “Media” tab at the top of your Plain Wealth admin portal.  After that is done, you can insert the link to the media within the body of the blog text.


You will then be prompted to choose the media to upload.  If you don’t have the “video” plugin purchased, the media-type to choose will only be Image.


The follow information is required

  • Name of the media (e.g., firm building photo)
  • Media type (Image)
  • The image (16x9) aspect ratio preferred.

Then click Upload.  Once the media is uploaded, you can copy the link and incorporate into the body of your article.

Video Media: If you have purchased the Video Plugin, the steps above are almost the same.

  • Name of the media (e.g., Estate Planning Video)
  • Media type (Video)
  • The video. It must be in .mp4 format.   This is not for extensive teaching videos, but designed for short videos (under 2 minutes).  From a marketing standpoint, regular short video segments keep clients engaged more frequently.

Then click Upload.  Once the video is uploaded, you can copy the link and include ONLY the video link in the body of your Video Article.  Do not put additional text in the video body – just the link from the Media page.


You will still need to enter the additional information, required for any Article.  However, select “Video” for type.

  • Title for Video
  • Slug: this is a unique identifier for example(estate_video_101_2022)
  • Type of Article : Video
  • Thumbnail photo (16x9 aspect ratio preferred) 

If you have the role “compliance admin”, then you will be able to approve the Video Article, if not, once you have switched to “Ready to Publish” the compliance admin will have to switch the “Approved by Compliance”.  Once it is approved it will process to be made available in App generally within 24 hours.



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