Integrating Zoom and Redtail using Zapier


In this example, we demonstrate how to have a Zoom Meeting automatically created based on an Activity in Redtail CRM. Please note that this example includes a filter that is only available to paying users of Zapier.



Redtail has developed base Zaps for our users. Before adding, be sure to review that all templated data is consistent with your database and customized to your liking. To add this Zap from a template, click the link below:



If you prefer to create the Zap yourself, here are the step-by-step instructions for creating this Zap:


1. Select "Create Zap" on your Zapier home page



2. Select "Redtail CRM" as your Trigger and "Activity Created" as your Trigger Event



3. Choose your connected Redtail CRM account and chose Test Trigger. Note: if you need assistance connecting your Redtail CRM account, please review the integration instructions HERE



4. If your test is unsuccessful, choose "Troubleshoot error" and follow Zapier's Guide for making changes to your Zap. If your test is successful, choose the continue option to proceed to the next Action.



5.  From the Action menu, choose filter:



6. Enter in the conditions for when you would like to have a Zoom Meeting created for your Activities. In this example, we chose to have a Zoom Meeting created when the activity has an Activity Type of Video Conference.



7. Choose Continue to test. If the test is unsuccessful, choose "Troubleshoot error" and follow Zapier's Guide for making changes to your Zap. If the test is successful, proceed to the next action. For the next action, choose Zoom as the Action and Create Meeting as the Action Event.



8. Select your connected Zoom Account



9. Set up the action with the information you desire to have included on your Zoom Meeting. Note that you can add in information from the activity by choosing the "Insert Data" Option.



10. Test Action. If successful, choose turn on Zap to complete setup.



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