Restore Deleted Workflow Templates

If you've deleted a Workflow Template within your database that you would like to restore for use again, you now have a quick, easy way to accomplish this.

  • First, go to Manage Your Account --> Workflow Templates.
  • Then, click the Filter button:


  • Next, check off "Filter by Deleted Templates Only?" in the Filter Options box and click "apply filters":


  • You'll then see any Workflow Templates that have been deleted from your CRM:


  • Click the Actions menu for the deleted Workflow Template you'd like to bring back and then click "Restore":


  • Your previously deleted Workflow Template will now be restored to your database, ready for use. Note: you may have to click the "filter" button, uncheck the "Filter by Deleted Templates Only?" box, and click "apply filters" to see all of your available Workflow Templates again after restoring your template.
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