New Partner Spotlight - Knudge [32:37]


Managing Client Action Items with Knudge & Redtail CRM

Tired of setting reminders for yourself to remind your clients what they need to do? Come learn how to easily enable reminders for your clients without forcing them to sign up for another app. We will share best practices for setting up a shared to-do list with your clients to easily see what’s getting done and which clients need additional follow-up.

What is Knudge?
Knudge is a digital platform that allows financial planners to assign tasks for their clients and see at a glance, across your client base, what’s been actioned and what is still outstanding. You can stop chasing down old email chains and stop leaving reminders for yourself to remind your clients. Knudge will send timely reminders leading up to the due date via email, push notification and, or text notifications and will continue to send reminders after if specified.


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