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Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration:

Log in to FinFolio and go to settings > integrations > Redtail. Then, select the toggle switch to "Enable Redtail", enter your Redtail credentials, and click "Submit":


If the green toggle is switched on, that means your login was successful.

Integration functionality:

Redtail’s FinFolio integration synchronizes clients, notes, tasks, investment accounts and positions with values. You can control which items are synced, the directionality of the sync (e.g. one vs two-way) and how often the sync happens.

Head over to the MAPPINGS tab to view the synced fields for FinFolio and Redtail:


Select dropdown to view “Mappings for” Contact, Note, or Task:


The default mappings that are in place cover most of the matching fields between FinFolio and
Redtail. If you want to change the mapping, select the dropdown in either column to select a new
  • To delete the mapping, click the trash icon.
  • To reset default mappings, click the RESET button
Head over to the SETTINGS tab to edit the direction of data flow as well as to select which types of data to sync:


Contacts are synced between both sites by tax ID number. Notes and tasks that are attached to a synced contact will be created under the same contact in the other site.

In case of a conflicting change will determine which field will be overwritten if both are already populated in a synced item.

New records can be created = In FinFolio is greyed out for standard users.

When the settings look correct, click the SYNC NOW button to begin the sync:


The STATUS tab shows your current sync status. When the sync completes you will see a “Sync complete” row:


Head over to the ITEMS SYNCED tab to view a list of items created or updated:


To set an automatic recurring sync schedule, click the calendar icon next to the SYNC NOW button and update the preferred settings in the window before clicking SCHEDULE:


FinFolio resources:




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