Adding Hyperlinks to your Workflows, Notes, or Activities

When adding a Note's Body or the Description for a Workflow or an Activity, you have a button in the toolbar that will allow you to include a hyperlink to a web address:


Above, you can see what the button looks like that will allow you to add a hyperlink (it looks like the link in a chain). After clicking that Link button, you'll see the below:


There are two available tabs: Link Info and Target.

Link Info

In the image above, you are seeing the Link Info tab. Let's break it down.

  • Display Text - this is the text that will serve as the actual link that you can click on in your Note, Workflow, or Activity in order to go to the hyperlink you designate. If you type up your Note and select the text you want to serve as the Display Text for the link prior to clicking the Link button, that text will automatically display in this field on your Link Info tab.
  • Link Type - this can be a URL (which is a web address), a link to an anchor in the text (which would be unavailable here, as you don't have access to insert anchors), an email address, or a phone number. If your goal is to insert a hyperlink to a web address, select "URL" here.
  • Protocol - Use the drop down menu to select the type of protocol for the link. Available options include: http://, https://,ftp://, news:// or <other>.
  • URL - Enter the complete URL address for the link.


The Target tab will look like the below:


Use the drop down menu to select the target for the link. The target defines what type of window the link will open. Available options include: <not set>, <frame>, <popup window>, New Window ( _blank ), Topmost Window ( _top ), Same Window ( _self ), Parent Window ( _parent). You'll want to choose "New Window (_blank )", so that when someone clicks the link the page will open up in a new tab or window, rather than leaving Redtail.

When done with your selections, click OK to add the hyperlink.

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